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The Hyacinth Macaw

The Hyacinth Macaw is the most sought-after parrot by bird lovers and is the most majestic of all parrots. The Hyacinth can grow to a total length of approximately 42 inches and has a beak strong enough to snap the welds on a cage. Despite their tremendous strength and size, these magnificent birds are known as "gentle giants." They are very affectionate and lovable towards their family and are generally tolerant of strangers.

Hyacinth Macaws are prized not only for their personality, but also for their remarkable beauty.  They are a vibrant, iridescent violet-blue color. Their long, tapered tails and wing undersides are a sleek black and their eyes are brown with bright yellow rings. They also have a small patch of yellow next to the lower beak and as a stripe on the tongue. Their skin carries a yellowish hue, and their feet are grayish in color.


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