About us

As a family business, our driving force is not monetary gain (though it keeps us going). We believe animals should not and must not be sold. Just like our human babies can’t be sold. Macaws cost almost nothing to breed (except for the food and vet bills) so the colosal prices you will notice everywhere is most often set by individuals for their own gain. What we charge “Sell them for” is simply a minimal cost to cover all expenses incurred during the breeding process and to enable us to continue breeding even more beautiful macaws so as to continue spreading the joy that comes with having a feathered friend .


**Track your delivery / Quick Delivery time.

At Brook's Farm, We can ship and deliver wihin 24- 48 hours
maximum depending on which state you live in. Clients that buy from Brook's Farm have a possibility to track and trace their parcel with a tracking number.

At Brook's Farm, we do our best to keep in constant communication with our clients with typical e-mail response times less than 24 Hours.







Tony's Farm have been in the birds breeding business for over 20 years now so we know how to handle our birds well by making sure that the birds take all their vaccines on time in order to ensure that they are 100% healthy.



Our Gold is to raise the most healthy and intelligent birds that will meet the exact needs of our customers and become a leading name among our competitors in this domain.

Hyacinth Macaw eggs are more sensitive to outside influences than most other eggs. Normal incubating procedures that work well for other Macaws will oftentimes not work as well for Hyacinth Macaws. 

We have incorporated DNA genotyping of our breeding stock in order to eliminate relatedness issues which are common with Hyacinth Macaws. Proper conditioning of the parents is necessary in order to achieve consistent success at yielding strong, fertile eggs.