International & Local SHIPPING/DELIVERY

You were searching for a macaw and now you have found a perfect match. This is how we handle the shipping procedure. After you buy your macaw from us, we shall employ a pet delivery service to handle the entire process. The service will pick the macaw up from our farm and deliver it to the airline and the airline will ship it to the nearest airport close to you.  we have assigned outsource delivery agent to handle this per shipment all the way through uptil when you receive the macaw at your door step and signed  necessary delivery confirmation documents. Once the macaw is registered with the pet delivery service, the pet delivery service issues a “TRACKING NUMBER” to you which you will use to monitor / TRACK/ TRACE the delivery process directly from our website.

We Ship all over USA and Australia within 24 – 48 hours maximum. For other locations, we will have to estimate  delivery time depending on the flights option to your destination.


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